Xiaman Artisanal Mezcal

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100% Mezcal Artesanal

The manufacturing of Xiaman Mezcal is strictly “artesanal”, which means according to tradition and specific rules. With 44% alcohol content, this “ensamble” -roasted Tepextate & Espadín blend is of the highest quality and meets all standards set by the Mezcal Regulatory Council.

Xiaman Mezcal is a very sensual spirit dedicated to detail and quality.

Mezcalero: Daniel Hernandez
Maguey: Espadin, Tepeztate
Agave: Angustifolia, Marmorata
Grind: Tahona
Distillation: Copper
Style: Ensamble
State: Oaxaca
Town: San Tomás de Arriba


Mezcal | 750ml | 44% ABV | Mexico

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