The Fifth Cup™ Barrel Reserve 375ml


The Fifth Cup™ liqueur is hand-crafted with the finest figs, apricots, dates, almonds and pistachios to create a taste reminiscent of renewal and springtime. 

As part of our Barrel Reserve collection, we age a limited amount of the liqueur in new American white oak whiskey barrels.  The imparted aroma and flavor from the charred oak refines the liqueur, adding the barrel notes of vanilla, caramel, and toasted almonds.  The finish is warmly inviting.

Each bottle is single barrel filled at cask strength. Barrel number., Alcohol %, and Proof are handwritten on each bottle.

The Fifth Cup™ liqueur was born from the kabbalistic teaching that kindness flows each day through five gates of salvation.  Our Fifth Cup™ is shown surrounded by a five petaled rose, representing these five gates, and serving as a conduit for a cup of blessing.

Savor this Barrel Reserve limited release neat or on ice and treat yourself to something truly special.

Life is no simple road…Bring something righteous along for the ride.

Liqueur | 375ml | 29-31% ABV | Kosher for Passover | Gluten Free

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