Sandinista Tequila



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Sriracha & Lime Spiced Reposado-Distilled Small Batch

Sandinista Tequila is a collaboration between a group of former bartenders, professional snowboarders, and the oldest distillery in Guadalajara, Mexico, founded in 1943 by Mr. Cesar Garcia Fernandez.  Carefully distilled in small batches using the finest blue weber agave, the tequila is aged for 4 months in virgin, flame charred, French White Oak casks.  Sandinista is crafted to be the smoothest spiced tequila in the world.  

Citrus and spice aroma highlight oak aged, earthy agave. Notes of chili, cardamom, and ginger. Complex and inviting.
A rush of sweet agave with sriracha and lime, upfront followed by herbal undertones including roasted pepper, dried fruit, and spiced notes.  A gentle breath of heat and spice that lingers on the tongue.  A very clean, precise Reposado with an elegant, pure, agave character. Sandinista is a tequila that can be enjoyed in margaritas, on the rocks, neat, or in any of our specialty cocktails.

Flavored Tequila | 40% ABV | 750ml | Mexico

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