Rhum J.M. Gold Rum | 100 Proof


Rhum J.M Gold displays an intense sugarcane flavor that has beautiful viscosity on the palate. The rich golden color is a simple result from the time it has aged in new toasted oak and ex-Bourbon barrels for a period of 12 months before being blended and bottled.

This is a highly versatile rhum agricole that is delicious and charismatic on its own but is also a favorite in tiki cocktails due to its spicy demeanor and higher proof.

Nose: All of the raw green, honey, sugarcane properties of the white rhum are still present on the nose but the subtle addition of light spice, vanilla, and toasted wood shine through due to the light aging.

Palate: A beautiful harmony of winter spices, vanilla, and wood are upfront followed by the familiar vegetal flavors of white rhum.

Gold Rum | 750ml | 50% ABV | Martinique

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