Righteous Seven Original Liqueur


Righteous Seven® Liqueur is a premium blend of the Seven Species that is hand-crafted according to a proprietary recipe developed and perfected over time.

Our neutral grain spirit is made from locally grown soft red winter wheat and two-row barley. The alcohol is used to macerate with each of the figs, olives, dates, pomegranates, and grapes. Each maceration is filtered and then combined at specific ratios to create the Righteous Seven® final blend.

The result is fruity aromas of cherry preserves, chocolate bar, toasted coconut, mocha, and whipped crème with a sweet medium body and an appealing, medium-length of dried figs and dates, prunes, black forest cake, and a rooibos tea finish.

Righteous Seven® was the most highly awarded American fruit liqueur in 2019 taking Double Gold Medals at both the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the SIP Awards International Spirits Competition, along with a Gold medal at The International Review of Spirits.

We hope you enjoy it and that it leads you down your own Righteous Road!

Liqueur | 750ml | 30% ABV

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