NB London Dry Gin

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NB Gin is a pure, clear grain spirit of 42% ABV, produced in the seaside town of North Berwick, on the East Coast of Scotland. The spirit is the result of an exacting process that has been perfected, to become recognised as the best London Dry Gin the world.

NB London Dry Gin boasts delectable, piney juniper and a smooth citrus body. Pair us with tonic and a slice of lemon over ice, you might never look back!

Our gin has been selected and adored by the Royal Family, featuring at Her Majesty’s 90th birthday, and Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. It has also been listed in the Rolls Royce “Top 100 Brands”, has been selected for The Open afterparty 2018, and was also selected for the Brits SONY afterparty for three consecutive years.

The quality of our product derives from the carefully selected botanicals and our unique location, North Berwick. North Berwick is renowned for its beautiful coastal town, beaches, and is home to some of the World’s most prestigious golf courses. Our roots allow access to fresh Scottish spring water which we affectionately distil into every bottle of NB Gin. 

Tasting Notes

Nose: Juniper and coriander seed with a hint of eucalyptol from the cardamon.

Palate: Piney juniper and smooth citrus. Undeniably delicious.

London Dry Gin | 750ml | 542% ABV | Scotland

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