Luzhou Laojiao - Zisha - 375ml


Luzhou Laojiao - Zisha pays homage to the traditional liquor bottles from many dynasties ago by bottling the spirit in a grainy unpolished purple porcelain bottle hence its name. Zi Sha’s traditional and exquisite taste makes it a much sought after gem for the baijiu connoisseurs.

Luzhou Laojiao is one of the four oldest distilleries in China, originated during the Time of the Ming Dynasty in 1573. In 2006, State Cultural Relics Bureau listed the site of Luzhou Laojiao cellars into the Tentative List of World Cultural Heritage. The "Traditional liquor making technique of Luzhou Laojiao" was also listed into the first "List of National Intangible Cultural Heritage" in May, 2006.

Size: 375 ml
ABV: 52%

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