Les Reserves d’Arton | Poire Ancienne 750mL

Les Reserves d'Arton Poire Ancienne is a true fruit brandy, or eau de vie (water of life). Extracting the character of several ancient and heirloom varietals of pear into spirit form.
Traditionally enjoyed chilled, or after dinner, this spirit has recently become embraced by craft cocktail bartenders and mixologists worldwide. Estate grown heirloom orchard pears are fermented and distilled to capture the purest expression of their essence. Bottled at 42% ABV.
Les Réserves d’Arton represent a 30 year partnership between Château Arton, known for their award winning Haut-Armagnacs, and Cherry Rocher, the oldest distillery in France (est. 1705) specializing in the distillation of fruit brandies. These expressions showcase the agricultural bounties of the Dordogne region, located in Southwestern France. Each is produced according to Cherry Rocher’s unique expertise and based upon specifications by Patrick de Montal of Arton – exclusive to that particular fruit to obtain the best expression of its essence.
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