Laphroaig 2022 Cairdeas Warehouse 1 Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky


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Introducing the 2022 Càirdeas, which honors Laphroaig's iconic Warehouse 1.

Càirdeas 2022 Warehouse 1is exclusively for Friends of Laphroaig but don’t worry Passion Spirits' got you covered.

Matured in their iconic warehouse a skipping-stone’s throw from the Islay coast. For flavours of peat, smoke and sea salt that soar with bitter maritime character.

Laphroaig's Càirdeas expression for 2022 reflects how Friends bring out more in each other. This limited-edition single malt, aged in first-fill ex-Maker’s Mark bourbon barrels, dials up their quintessential Laphroaig taste. Classic flavours are elevated by a coastal character that can only come from sea spray and storms. It’s a match made in Islay.

Warehouse 1’s rare four-storey construction, with varying levels of temperature and humidity, and exposure to rugged conditions tease out their enigmatic flavours and lend a maritime quality to the final whisky. Bottled at a fixed strength of 52.2% for a memorable experience to share with your Friends.


COLOUR: Pale Gold

NOSE: Peaty, sweet and nutty with “medicinal” notes. Strong vanilla cake, fudge, heather-honey, golden syrup, walnuts and nutmeg.

BODY: Full-bodied with vibrant aromas from nose to finish.

FINISH: Peaty and acidic with lingering herbal and spicy notes leading to a floral aftertaste.

PALATE: Powerful peat-reek and ashy notes of tar combine with sweet Manuka honey and burnt toffee. Oak spices, tannins, white pepper, plus dried herbs and flowers add an herbal touch.

MATURATION: Aged in first-fill ex-Maker’s Mark bourbon casks exclusively in Warehouse 1, giving extra exposure to the elements.

Scotch Whisky | 52.2% ABV | 750ml | Scotland

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