Greek Lightning Cinnamon Honey Liqueur

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Greek Lightning Cinnamon Honey Liqueur

The new cinnamon honey liqueur shot straight from the heavens.

  • Distilled from grapes at the famous Callicounis Distillery in sun-kissed Kalamata
  • Infused with natural greek honey from the Taygetos Mountains in Sparta
  • Blended with natural aromatics including cinnamon bark, clove, and an invigorating (secret) blend of herbs and spices
  • No added preservatives or artificial flavor enhancers

Ready to drink the nectar of the gods? Unleash your inner deity and experience the velvety sweet taste of Greek Lightning. Every bottle of our Greek liqueur is crafted from 100% all-natural ingredients and contains 24% alcohol by volume. Perfect for savoring, shooting, and creating legendary cocktails! Learn why Greek Lightning is being praised as one of the best liqueurs on the market — order a bottle today to start enjoying life like a god! 

Liqueur | 24% ABV | 750ml | Greece

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