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Gentry Bourbon encompasses the best of both worlds, with smooth hints of vanilla, oak char and caramel in the palette, while finishing with a light touch of warmth and citrus that is reminiscent of 20 year old specialty bourbons. Madison and his team have proudly partnered with Charleston's Local Choice Spirits and look forward to sharing a glass of our bourbon with you and yours.

Our story begins with John David Madison's Grandfather, John Gentry Madison. A retired real estate developer, Madison fell in love with thoroughbred racehorses. When he decided to get into racing he took Gary Madison - John David's (JD's) father - to Kentucky and they bought their first horse, whose blood line dated back to the world famous War Admiral.

Thereafter, Madison collected prized race horses from Kentucky to California and throughout the nation. After years of breeding on the family horse farm, one colt showed enough promise to bear the name, Gentry.

90 Proof | Aged at least 6 months
Mas Bill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye and 4% Malted Barley

Bourbon | 750ml | 45% ABV | USA

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