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George Clooney's success in the world of Hollywood is well known — as are his efforts in political activism and humanitarian work.

A lesser known fact is that the actor and two friends founded one of the fastest-growing tequila brands in the world by accident in 2013. That company is Casamigos.

AGAVE: Our agaves are 100% Blue Weber, aged 7-9 years, from the rich clay soil of the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

SLOW COOKING: Our agave piñas are roasted in traditional brick ovens for 72 hours, while most others steam theirs for 7 hours.

EXTRA SLOW FERMENTATION: Our unique flavor is a result of an 80 hour fermentation process, compared to the average 48 hours.

PROPRIETARY YEAST: Our Master Distiller uses a special yeast blend resulting in a consistent, refined flavor, unlike the commercial yeasts others use.

COLOR: Rich caramel.
AROMA: Soft caramel and vanilla notes.
FLAVOR: Perfect balance of sweetness from the Blue Weber agaves layered with hints of spice and barrel oak.
WATER: Purified water from our own well.
AGED: 14 months in premium American white oak barrels.

NOM: 1609

Añejo Tequila | 40% ABV | 750ml | Mexico

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