Broken Shed Vodka 1750ml

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Broken Shed Vodka is a crisp, clean vodka distilled with the purest New Zealand mountain mineral water, spring water, highest-quality sustainable whey, and nothing else. No additives, sweeteners or GMOs. Gluten-free at every stage of the process.
  OUR MASTER BLENDER’S TASTING NOTES Nose An initial pure hit of a dominant vanilla aroma, which dissipates into a subtle blend of citrus and freshly-cut southern grass notes. Mouthfeel A luxurious sensation that coats the palate, and melts away seamlessly, leaving a smooth yet subtle lingering on the side of the tongue. Palate Pristine spring and mineral waters and whey protein distillate is all that we use to make our vodka. This results in a clean taste and luxurious mouthfeel that will impress. Finish Smooth, with a touch of warmth, leaving a delightfully pleasant yet concise lingering of flavor on the palate.

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