Foxy’s Sipping Rum – Botany Bay Reserve


For the last 60 years Foxy's adventures mixed his love of music with good people, one love, and one drink... rum. As a descendant from one of the oldest rum producing families in the Caribbean, Foxy dreamed of carrying on the family tradition.

It was 1970, when Foxy met Albert Paiewonsky of Old Estate Rums. Foxy and Albert shared a mutual love for preserving the tradition of private reserve blend rum that has almost been lost to the mass production of modern times.

Botany Bay Estate Reserve Rum is a rare 100% barrel aged rum yielding deep, rich flavor that can only be achieved in small batches. This minimally processed blend of French, Spanish and English style rums preserves the delicate flavor notes of each unique rum, producing a fine rum as smooth and rich as the sunset from Great Harbour.

Sip it neat or on the rocks — like a fine whiskey.


Vanillin and Clove compounds from wood oak, ex-whiskey, barrels
A rich rum essence unique to small pot still distillation

Rich-bodied rum flavor from small batch pot still process
4-6 year aging evaporates harsh alcohols through the wood yielding a smooth flavor
Sip neat, on the rocks or serve with your favorite mixer

Botany Bay is a blend of three year aged Barbados rum, five year aged Guatemala rum, smooth light Trinidad rum, and uniquely powerful rum from Martinique. This is the best of French & English flavor styles.

4 - 6 years in a combination of French and American oak barrels.

Distilled from clean cane juice, with a small amount of molasses, in small cooper pot stills.

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