Blackleaf Organic Vodka

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Blackleaf Organic Vodka is the perfect blend of premium and organic. Carefully handcrafted in the heart of the acclaimed Cognac region of France, our 5 stage copper pot artisanal distillation produces a vodka that is not only smooth but full go character. We are proud to be the first French organic vodka on the market. 


Untouched by pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, our wheat remains organic from the moment it is planted until it’s harvested; earning it a USDA-NOP Organic certification. 


Unique to the Cognac region, Blackleaf is made with spring water naturally filtered through Champagne limestone. The unique taste of this water lends to Blackleaf Vodka’s bold character.

Organic Vodka | 750ml | 40% ABV | France

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