adam. vodka

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5X Award-Winning Vodka from Spirits Competitions throughout the USA

Our fresh corn is grown in the rich corn fields of Minnesota, at which point it is processed and distilled to be filtered and bottled in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, where craft cocktails and smooth tasting libations are concocted with the greatest care. 

We incorporate the highest-grade ingredients to maintain the absolute best end product for you to enjoy. Our vodka is distilled 5x and filtered 5x using lava rocks local to the Northwest region. The porous minerals act as nature’s sponge, capturing the impurities to leave behind a clean, smooth spirit. It is our pleasure to bring you an organic vodka that’s so delicious you can sip it by itself.

Gluten Free • Kosher
Distilled 5X & Filtered 5X
Through Charcoal & Crushed Lava

Vodka | 40% ABV | 750ml | USA

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