Our Services

As a full service sales and marketing agency, we provide solutions for the full brand management of the products in our portfolio .


E-Commerce – Custom made Online Stores

By outsourcing the management of your online store you focus in building the brand awareness of your product and driving potential consumers to your online platforms while we take them through a smooth and effective purchasing experience, exclusive to your brand.

The final product is an easy and lineal integration of your online platforms to a straight forward e-commerce solution that quickly guides your customers to the checkout process.


In-House Sales Team

We staff a professional group of experienced Brand Ambassadors. Each member of our team will become a passionate ambassador for your product. Our team is strategically scattered through Florida’s most important cities, allowing your product to have a state wide reach. Working together with the sales teams from your local distributor, we generate trade and consumer demand for your product.


3-Tier System

Professionally managing a brand locally requires a solid understanding on the interactions between all parties involved. That’s why our efforts are aimed at building the ideal business solution for your brand. If you already have an importer, we’ll work with them, if you don’t then we’ll get you one. We work closely with all local distributors in dealing with your inventories, visiting accounts, creating programs, placing incentives, and executing promotions. Our broad base of on & off premise contacts enables us to immediately reach the market and generate sales for your product.


Portfolio Approach

As we already represent a portfolio of complementary brands, we are able to negotiate bundle deals. Many times, on and off premise accounts prefer to negotiate with companies that can provide a variety of products versus the traditional, and often times ineffective, single brand approach.


Marketing & Public Relations

As your local marketing and public relations partner, we execute all on & off premise promotions and events on behalf of your brand. We work with a large group of promotional brand promoters whom we make sure that are fully trained in your brand history and key selling points.



All our clients receive a monthly Master Report including detailed information on distributor purchasing, distributor depletions by channel and account, product mix analysis, donations, samples and chargebacks. Also, we provide a Marketing Report showing where has the marketing budget been allocated, specified by date, event and concept.