Tanteo Tequila


100% Blue Weber Agave tequila infused with the flavors of Mexico.

Tanteo Tequila is an ultra-premium collection of flavor-infused, 100% Blue Weber Agave blanco tequilas – Jalapeño, Tropical and Cocoa.
Each tequila is infused by hand in a proprietary process using fresh, all-natural whole ingredients, with jalapeño providing a base note throughout. Staying true to the spirit’s traditions, Tanteo is distilled, infused and bottled in the historic mountain town of Tequila, Mexico and is produced using local, estate-grown agave and whole, local jalapeños, fruits, and cocoa beans (not flavoring chemicals). The result is an award-winning fresh, delicious and balanced craft product that redefines tequila through such revolutionary cocktails as the signature Tanteo Jalapeño Margarita.