About Us

A Quick View

Back in 2009 Passion Spirits was founded on the belief that sales execution and customer service are the most important elements in the success of a spirit or wine brand.
With that in mind, our corporate mission became to be the best alternative for small to medium sized brands looking for a local sales partner.
We maintain a boutique approach, representing a small portfolio of complementary products.

Our boutique sales oriented approach is the most efficient cost-effective solution to build brands locally

We recognize the great effort, time and love that has already been given to a brand before it's launched in a new market. In our daily visits to the on and off premise accounts, our team of professionally trained brand ambassadors focus in delivering the unique experiences behind the brands we have the privilege of representing.

E-Commerce - Custom made Online Stores

By outsourcing the management of your online store you focus in building the brand awareness of your product and driving potential consumers to your online platforms while we take them through a smooth and effective purchasing experience, exclusive to your brand. The final product is an easy and lineal integration of your online platforms to a straight forward e-commerce solution that quickly guides your customers to the checkout process.

Florida Sales Agency

Our team is strategically scattered through the most important cities in Florida. This allow us to provide a full state coverage, increasing business opportunities for the brands of our portfolio.

Market Test Approach

We take a Market Test approach when launching a new product in the market. We identify a small but key group of accounts with which we can test and analyze the consumer reaction to the brand. This approach allow us to fine tune the overall strategy behind the product as we grow organically from a small group of accounts to a broad distribution state wide.